3 Question Thursday: 3 Questions For Texas Tech Fans, West Texans And All You Good, Fine, Friendly Folks Who Wish You Were!

Ya, we’re gonna publish this a little early, but that’s because I want to read some of your responses on our radio show Thursday on Talk 1340 KKAM.

So, going forward, each Thursday we’re gonna give you 3 Questions to answer. Might be sports related, might not. Might have to do with Texas Tech, might not. Either way, we hope it will be something fun for you to respond to and for you to share with your friends on social media. That’s how we grow what we are doing and I think it’s more fun with more folks interacting.

With that in mind, here are our 3 Questions for this week!

  1. Who was the first Texas Tech athlete you can remember making you want to be a Red Raider?
  2. If you live outside of Lubbock, which restaurant do you most associate with Lubbock and Texas Tech during your time at school. If you live in Lubbock/West Texas, which restaurant takes you back to your days as a Red Raider?
  3. Texas Tech should retire ________ ‘s jersey number.

OK. There ya go. No Roundball Rewind tonight with the 8PM start. We’ll recap it on http://www.kkam.com Thursday morning at 11! In the meantime, get your comments posted and share it with your friends. This will be a regular Thursday feature going forward, both on radio and the Daily Broadcast and here so get it cranking tonight!

See y’all Thursday on radio.



  1. 1. I didn’t base my desire to come to tech based on athletics
    2. One guy’s pizza on University
    3. Possibly Mahomes

  2. 1) wasn’t an athlete but rather a game, 1979 vs USC
    2) copper Caboose across from stadium
    3) spike Dykes.

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