5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Chips To Lubbock’s NTS Building To Happiness & Hotels.

  1. If the chips and salsa aren’t very good, chances are the rest of your meal is gonna be one to forget.
  2. Prediction: No one will ever live in the NTS Building in downtown Lubbock. Prediction No. 2: The city will end up spending tax dollars on the project.
  3. How much money are cities missing out on by not selling advertising and market space on water towers? I’m talking full-on neon signs and rotating message boards. If you can have 400 sign boards on the fences around local high schools, why not take advantage of those giant billboards waiting to happen!
  4. No one can make you happy. That’s not their job. That’s your job.
  5. I’m not saying I’ve traveled a lot during my career, but I will say that I don’t think I own any pens that aren’t from hotels. . . .


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