5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Computers To Soap, From Long-Gone Lubbock Pizza Places To Why EVERY TEXAN Should Be Embarrassed Today….

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. My son, a freshman in high school, is building his own PC gaming computer; from start to finish. When I was his age, I put the wrong gas in my dad’s car. He may be smart. . .
  2. I use it, we have it in our house, but I still think that whole “liquid soap-body wash” thing is a scam. I prefer a bar of soap. Irish Spring.
  3. Top 3 Pizza places we no longer have in Lubbock. No. 3. Pizza Planet. No. 2 Mazzio’s Downstairs in Weymouth Hall at Texas Tech in 1989.If you know, you know. . . No. 1. Pizza Express. The $4.99 Pepperoni pick-up deal, double on Tuesday’s, was epic. I got Pizza Express the night the Chicago Cubs won the NL East in 1984. Fantastic.
  4. Rush was right.
  5. Every Texan should be embarrassed by what happened in this State the past ten days or so. There is no reason, no reason whatsoever, for Texas to endure what they had to go through the last week or so. We have an abundance of God-given natural resources in this State. From energy to food, we have more than enough to never go without the way so many Texans had to do so this past week. Make no mistake, what transpired and the suffering endured by Texans was Man-Made. Man-Made. Much more so than any man-made impact on climate.
    Texans must work to make sure changes are made by politicians and by “electrical honchos” and by un-elected paper-pushers appointed by pointy-headed politicians to ensure this never happens again. The weather may have been God-Sent. But make no mistake, God had sent Texans more than enough resources to ensure we could handle a storm like this.
    Every Texan must be embarrassed, angered and moved to action.
    Nothing happened to Texas
    We allowed this to happen by our own arrogance and ignorance and willingness to not oversee our “over-seers” .
    I’m embarrassed as a Texan my fellow Texans went through this.
    We are better than this.


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