5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From What You Learned About Friends This Week To A Hard Truth About U2, Halloween, What Grown-Men Don’t Do Plus Folks I’ve Got No Use For – It’s What We Know On A Sunday In Raiderland. . .

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. I’m guessing you learned some things about your friends and family the last week or so that you wish you didn’t know. Isn’t Social Media a great way to “keep up”! I kinda miss the painfully written “Christmas Card Update” family newsletter myself right about now…
  2. If you’re a full-grown man and you order something with “pumpkin spice”, you’re not a full-grown man.
  3. Top 3 U2 Songs All-Time: No.3. Gloria. No. 2. Where The Streets Have No Name. No. 1. Bullet The Blue Sky. Fact: U2 never made a truly great song after 1990.
  4. OK. I’ll admit it. Halloween does nothing for me as a holiday and if it went away I wouldn’t give a damn. There. I said it. If you want your kids running around begging for handouts from strangers, so be it. I write this with full apology to Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin.
  5. If you can’t pray for the health of the President of The United States of America and the First Lady, you’ve got issues beyond politics. You’re also not the kind of person I want to be associated with.


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