5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From What You Should Want From Politicians And What They Should Wear To Handwriting And Hot-Wings

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

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  1. I realized recently that I no longer know how to write every letter in cursive. My writing has evolved into some sort of hieroglyph that future scholars will long debate its meaning. Sometimes, looking back at my own notes, I am that scholar.
  2. The best way to find things you’re not looking for is to look for something else. I’ve already found several things today I didn’t know I needed. Still haven’t found what I started off for though. I think this may also be a U2 song.

3. Top 3 Hot-Wing Sauce Flavors. 3. Traditional Buffalo Style Wing Sauce. 2. Bourbon Honey Mustard. 1. Any version of Mango-Habanero. Bonus: Bleu Cheese is the only acceptable dipping sauce .

4. When I hear a politician or leader talking about “unifying” us or finding “common ground”, what I really hear is “I want you to think like me and I don’t want to have any dissent or disagreement”. Politics is and always should be about sharp differences and disagreements. And that is OK. Personally, I don’t want a politician I favor to compromise and embrace ideals that I’ve rejected. I want that person to stand-up for those ideals and fight for them. Whatever it is you believe in, you should want and expect nothing less from the person you vote for.

5. I think it would be awesome if politicians wore suits like NASCAR drivers and PGA golfers that have their sponsor logos all over them. When it comes to some of your local folks, there might be just a few names on those suits, but they’d probably all be the same names for the elected officials. Plus, if they wore these suits, it would be cool when they get interviewed on local news and start thanking all their sponsors for a great council meeting and a fun tax-increase!


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