5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From When To Listen To Christmas Music To High School Kids Going To Lunch, Soothing Sounds And The Thing That’s Worse Than Being Dumb. . . It’s What We Know On A Sunday!

It’s what we know on a Sunday. This week brought to you by McAlpin Chiropractic! If you’re in West Texas, give them a holler. They can help!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Listened to Christmas music this weekend in my truck. I don’t feel bad. Neither should you! I know. Thanksgiving. Guess what I’m thankful for? Christmas. It’s OK! Deck The Halls early and often!
  2. I don’t think most folks are dumb or stupid. I do, however, think most folks are willfully ignorant. That’s worse.
  3. Top 3 soothing sounds. 1. A mountain river running alongside your cabin on a cool to cold summer night with the windows open and blankets piled high. 2. A radio left on all night, just loud enough to hear but loud enough to hear. 3. A washing machine in the background on a weekend afternoon while you sit in your chair watching golf.
  4. I wish I had asked my grandparents more questions. About everything.
  5. High school students should absolutely be allowed to leave campus at lunch. It teaches them great life-skills. Like how to explain a strange dent on the passenger side of a car. It also teaches time-management. And the consequences of poor food choices early in the day. . . It’s life. Let them go to lunch. And learn . . .

As always your comments are more than welcome and we love it when you share what we do here in Raiderland. So comment away and invite your friends and family to join in. Surely one of them is listening to Christmas music right now!


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  1. I don’t usually listen to Christmas music until December. I don’t see why the religious Christmas music can’t be sung year round. What’s wrong about singing about the savior’s birth in June.
    If the bedroom is close enough to the kitchen the dishwasher makes a nice lullaby.
    Yes to number four. I only knew one grandparent. I feel kind of cheated.
    It’s a wonder some of us survived leaving school at lunch. North fourth street in Tahoka was transformed into the German AutoBahn every weekday at 12:20. Stop signs were mostly ignored. My lack of grey hair is because I have no teenage son driving a hot rod Ford to worry about.

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