Daily Broadcast: Comfort TV Shows, Coronavirus Update For Lubbock, Crazy Texas Tech Baseball Game From 1997 Plus Your Questions/Comments!

The Daily Broadcast is brought to you by our good friends in Red River, New Mexico at Lifts West. When you’re ready, they’ll be ready for you to take in the mountains this spring and summer. Great fishing, hiking and relaxing. The mountains will be there!

Another great day in West Texas! Temps up in the 80s and we’re killing off that virus thing with South Plains sunshine!

Today on the Broadcast we look at your favorite Comfort TV Shows. There’s comfort food, so why not comfort TV? After that we talk about crazy Texas Tech games from the past. One Tech Baseball game in particular from 1997 celebrates an anniversary today. 31 runs. School record. We were there. . .

After that it’s your great comments and questions.

So, take a minute or two to watch the show. Then, take a minute to post a question or comment. Then, take a second to share it with your friends. We love the interaction with y’all these days and if you’re hunkered down right now at home, know we’re here for ya on the site and on radio each morning at 11 AM on Talk 1340 KKAM with Ryan Hyatt’s Raiderland! See y’all then!

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