Daily Broadcast: The Cheatin’ Astros – What Should Their Punishment Be? Texas Tech Hoops, Tech Baseball And Your Great Comments. (Strip The Astros Of The World Series Title!)

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The Thursday Broadcast was mainly about the Cheatin’ Astros. It jut gets worse and worse for Astro fans. Bottom line, they’re getting what they’ve earned and more. Should they have to vacate the World Series Title? ? ? We look at that plus the allegation of players wearing “buzzers” in order to cheat. . .

We don’t stop there because we’re talking about Texas Tech Basketball and Vanilla Ice. Things I never thought I’d talk about in the same broadcast…

Add in great comments and more and you’ve got a fine broadcast.

Wait.. there’s more…


If you’re watching on replay like the hundreds of other do each day, just post your comments and questions here and we’ll answer them. Be sure and share too on Faccebook and more. We love the Replay People!

So, here ya go:

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