Roundball Rewind: West Virginia Pounds Texas Tech In Morgantown 66-54. Red Raider Limitations On Display Again . . . (Video)

Roundball Rewind brought to you tonight by McAlpin Chiropractic! I trust Kevin McAlpin with my own son’s well being, not sure what else I can do to convince you to give him a try!

Just like in the Baylor game, the 2020 version of Texas Tech Basketball had their limitations exposed and exploited by a great team in Big 12 play. West Virginia took a 66-54 win at home over a Red Raider team that has tons of talent, just hasn’t been able to convert it yet consistently to wins early in conference action. From shooting to rebounding and a myriad of little things, this talented group is “just off” right now.

That said, the Big 12 offers great opportunity for Texas Tech to build up the resume by March.

Can they do it?

Here’s our Roundball Rewind for West Virginia. Enjoy. Comment in the section below if you’re a great replay watcher and of course please share everything we do here in Raiderland on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s grow this site and radio show even more in 2020! Now, give Roundball Rewind a watch and we’ll see y’all Sunday in Raiderland with our 5 Things Column.


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