Texas Tech Vs Michigan In CWS, Great Uniforms, Your Questions/Comments & Much More – The Tuesday Broadcast From Raiderland!

If you missed it live, you’ve got it here every day. The Broadcast from Raiderland. . .

Today we look at Texas Tech Baseball’s match-up with Michigan at the College World Series. It’s the fourth go-round for these teams this year. Who has the advantage?

After that we take your questions and comments and look at some of the great uniforms in baseball. Thank you Ole Miss for wearing the powder blue this past weekend at Arkansas in the Super Regionals.

Got thoughts?


Post them here and we’ll get to you either on the site on on our radio show Wednesday on Talk 1340 KKAM. We’re on each day at 11 to noon and Wednesday we’ve got college baseball guru/expert Kendall Rogers from D1 Baseball.com on. You should probably listen!

So, here’s the broadcast. Clink the link and watch. Other that that we ask you to do three things.

Enjoy. Comment. Share.

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