The Daily Broadcast: Latest Lubbock Coronavirus Update, Last Sports Event To Make You Cry & Why Bubba Wallace Owed Blue Emu A Full Effort Sunday In NASCAR iRacing On Fox Sports!

It’s a great start to the week in West Texas!

Thanks for dropping by the broadcast. We’re brought to you in part today by the great folks at McAlpin Chiropractic! The Official Chiropractor of Raiderland!

We’ve got a lot to get to today, so let’s get to it! From NASCAR to PGA, from Texas Tech games that made you cry to Lubbock beating back the virus spread – we tackle it all every day in Raiderland.

We hope you enjoy the show, take a moment to comment below or on our Twitter feed and then share it with your friends. See y’all tomorrow at 11 on Talk 1340!

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