The Daily Broadcast: The Sad, Sorry, No-Good Jett Duffey/Texas Tech Story. 5 Questions That Have To Be Asked. Our Commentary, Your Great Questions.

It’s the story that has dogged Texas Tech Athletics since 2017. A little used, back-up QB and his off-field problems. The Jett Duffey saga has now bedraggled two head coaches in Kliff Kingsbury and Matt Wells. Each went to the wall for Duffey, a multiple time suspended player for everything from alleged sexual misconduct to alleged rape. Why?

For those who haven’t seen what we’re talking about, here’s a couple of links to the stories today about Jett Duffey.

Here’s the story from Central Michigan Life alleging Jett Duffey couldn’t enroll because of issues at Texas Tech.

Lubbock’s A-J has an updated report on Thursday, still waiting for comments from Texas Tech officials on the issue.

That’s the subject of the Thursday Daily Broadcast.

Here’s our look at this sad chapter of Texas Tech Athletics and those who enabled it to happen. There’s the law. Then there’s what is right and wrong. Did Texas Tech chose a “legal” path to hide behind? It sure seems like it. . . at every turn.

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