The Daily Broadcast ( Video) : Texas Tech MBB, Baseball, The Magical Disappearing Duffey, NASCAR Plus Your Questions And Comments!

We’ve got a lot going on for a Tuesday

Like we said last night, please excuse our absence from the Broadcast but we were not going to go on until we knew the status of Ryan Newman after his wreck on the last lap of the Daytona 500. Our prayers continue for his recovery.

Tonight we look at Tech basketball and where they will be going to the Big 12 Tournament plus a quick look at Tech baseball before they head to Round Rock.

After that we finish up with the Magical Disappearing Jett Duffey. Was he really deleted from the Texas Tech Football roster as a story out of Michigan claimed this weekend. ( spoiler alert: Yes )

Did we catch a little hell this weekend for talking about it? Of course. There are a lot of folks that want the Jett Duffey story to go away, both at Texas Tech and within the local media. Luckily, they don’t pay our bills around here. You guys do by supporting us and our great sponsors! So, if you want to see us keep creating great content and talking about what needs to talk about around Raiderland, keep watching our Daily Broadcast, keep listening to our radio show on Talk 1340 KKAM each day at 11 AM and keep putting our links out there on Twitter and Facebook, just like tonight’s broadcast.

If you want to make Raiderland Great and Bold Again… then do that!

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