The Daily Broadcast: Who Takes Ownership Of Texas Tech Lady Raider Basketball’s Dumpster Fire? Why Did Kirby Hocutt Have To Have Meetings With Players/Coaches Wednesday? Will Fans Hold Tech Accountable?

Hope your Thursday is going great. We’ve got more than a few things to get to tonight. First and foremost, we wonder who will take ownership of Texas Tech Lady Raider Basketball right now. It seems like no one wants to lead.

After that, we have to ask the question of why Texas Tech A.D.Kirby Hocutt would need to have meetings Wednesday with players and coaches after the USA Today story came out alleging abuse, mistreatment, sexual harassment and more? If he’d already investigated, already had a report, already knew everything and already obviously talked to players and coaches and settled the issue… why the need for meetings. . .

Finally, we asked you Texas Tech fans a question. It’s a question only you can answer.

Enjoy the show, comment if you want to and please, share this with your Texas Tech and West Texas friends! We’ll see you on radio tomorrow from 11-1 on Talk 1340. Get the app if you’re outside of Lubbock !!!!

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