What We’re Thinking About Today Is _____ . Monday, May 4, 2020.

Welcome to a new feature here at TheRaiderland.com.

Like the headline says, it’s a little glimpse into what we’re thinking about each day. It might have to do with Texas Tech. It might have to do with politics. It might have to do with a show topic on Talk 1340.

Hopefully it will be something that makes you think a bit as well and makes you want to contribute your thoughts on this site and on our show and social media.

I want to thank business guru and personal development expert Randy Gage for letting me steal his idea. He said I didn’t have to give him credit, but he deserves it. He deserves a follow too if you enjoy the things he pontificates on and writes about!

Today’s thoughts are brought to you in part by the great folks at Payne, Powell & Truitt Law Group. Don’t blame them for my thoughts!

So, here’s what we are thinking about today. . .

Would you be willing to pay full-price to go to a sporting event today if you had to wear a mask, gloves, sit six-feet apart from everyone and there would be no concessions, food or drink available at the game?

What are you willing to accept or not accept to go to a sporting event? Whether it’s your favorite college team, a pro game or even a high school event, what will you do, what will you not do?

As we get closer to things like this happening, we’re thinking today about what we’d put up with and not put up with at a price.

That’s what we’re thinking about today.

What do you think?


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