What We’re Thinking About Today, Is ______. May 26, 2020.

What we’re thinking about today is. . . Pressure.

Brought to you in part today by Arctic Air. Got AC issues? They can handle the pressure! ( And save you some money! )

I had to wonder this past weekend watching Tom Brady and Payton Manning play golf on national TV, at a time when they were the ONLY thing on national TV, what the pressure was like for those two guys.

Was it harder because they don’t normally play golf on TV or was it easier because no one expected them to be good? Or believe their handicap? (If Brady is an 8 I’m a 16!)

The thing I respected most about both Manning and Brady is that they were willing to step outside their comfort zone and allow themselves to look bad. Even though they didn’t look bad, they didn’t look like the elite players they were (are) on the football field. They allowed folks to see them as mere mortals playing a game that makes mortals of us all. They were relatable.

And they raised a lot of money.

It’s a lesson to us all.

Get outside your comfort zone and do something publicly that may or may not make you look great, but it will make you grow and folks will appreciate that. You don’t have to play alongside Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in order to have the courage to get outside your area of expertise. You can do it on your own and own the experience and grow!

While the golf was entertaining, I’ll take away more from seeing two Hall Of Fame Football players willing to be seen as “average” guys.

Did they face pressure? You bet. Did they embrace it and excel?

I think they did.

So, what’s the realm you’re willing to step into this week that’s outside your comfort zone? How can you grow this week, even if the whole world isn’t watching?

Me? I’ll let you know by Friday. I’m great at so many things it’s hard to find something like that!

Just kidding.

I’ll let y’all know what I tried later on this week. Y’all let me know here what you’re gonna do and we’ll encourage each other.

Have a great, short week!


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