4/15/24: Helmet Stickers – Oh My Aberg, Texas Tech Baseball, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Tech Football Mic’d Up, Every Shot From Aberg On Sunday, Verne Lundquist’s High-Fashion, Roy Clark, Woody Guthrie & RIP Steve Sloan

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Happy Monday Y’all !

Start of another big week around Raiderland. After squandering a lot of chances at TCU, Texas Tech Baseball heads to the hills to take on an Arkansas team that just got swept. So you know they’ll be in a great mood for the Tuesday/Wednesday mid-week affair.

As for Tech, going 1-21 with RISP on Saturday and Sunday pretty much doomed their chances of taking the road series. We’ll take a deep look at the offense tonight on The Daily Broadcast and ponder the question some fans are asking: Why Don’t They Bunt More?

We have an answer.

You might not like it.

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Raiderland Helmet Stickers

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  1. Ludvig Aberg. I have a feeling his golf bag is gonna be covered by the end of June at this rate. And we thank him for a great weekend of watching The Masters.
  2. Texas Tech Bullpen. As bad as Tech situational hitting was, the pen was great. 1 run allowed all weekend, and it was unearned.
  3. Texas Tech Softball. Series win at home over Kansas. Win at home. Makes folks happy.

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Dane leads off again after a quick trip out of town…