5/31/23 Question O’ The Day: Bandwagon Wednesday! What Are You On/Off This Week?

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Happy Wednesday, y’all. This week is just flying by. We’re gonna have some cool information for you later today so pay attention. We’re gonna have a Raiderland Watch-Party for Texas Tech Baseball Friday. We’ll tell you when and where, you kinda know the when, later today.

As for our Question O’ The Day, pretty simple on Wednesdays around here.

Which Bandwagons are you on and which ones are you off this week when it comes to the world of sports or otherwise? Got some new places to eat we need to know about? Found a great movie or series we need to watch? Still on the Josh Jung for AL ROY ? You should be. Whatever it is, tell us all about it here.

We’ll see y’all tonight around 6:30ish on The Daily Broadcast on Twitter Live and Facebook Live. Can’t wait to visit.