Five Things We Know on Father’s Day

1. You’ve got to want to live in West Texas. After a week that saw crop-killing hail, drenching rains and 109-plus temps followed by a Sunday dirt storm as a “cold” front moved through, I am reminded how much someone has to want to be here. You don’t just live in West Texas. It isn’t just a place you show up and live cause your job might be here or it’s convenient. No. You’ve got to want it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


2. I’ll admit it. I watch a lot of the cooking shows on TV. I’ll look at some of that stuff, think how awesome it would be to fix it up, present it on a great looking plate, amaze my family and friends with my kitchen prowess; and then I eat a frozen pizza.


3. As a parent, there are a lot of cool feelings. You get to watch your child grow-up in a lot of different ways at different stages in their life. I may have no prouder feeling as a dad though than seeing my son so excited to go to church camp that he can hardly stand it.


4. The greatest “TV Dad” of All-Time? Hank Hill. It’s not even close.


5. Of all the coaches I ever played for, my dad was my favorite one. Me and my brother got lucky. Not many people can say that. I got coached a lot growing up around Coach Hyatt. Most of the time I didn’t even know it. Hopefully I learned a thing or two. If I can impart about half the stuff upon my son as my dad has to me, I figure he’ll be ok.


Happy Father’s Day,


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  1. West Texas can get into your veins, but some people are immune, and that’s fine. Go to Tech, be a productive citizen and never visit. I’m fine with that too.

    I have to watch many cooking shows with my wife. I cannot stand ‘Cooks vs. Cons’ and many others. Some of the shows do not suck, however.

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