5 Things We Know On A Sunday – August 6, 2017 The NASCAR/Soccer, Jerry Jones/John Gierach Edition

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – August 6, 2017




  1. If you’ll admit it, if you’ll be honest with yourself and others, a sausage biscuit is better than an egg and sausage biscuit. The egg just gets in the way and it’s never done right. Meanwhile, the sausage and biscuit is just steps away from a sandwich with a little cheese and maybe even drifting into the wonderful world of hamburgers when you add some mustard or Heinz 57 sauce. Free yourself from the egg. Make it a sausage biscuit next time. You’ll thank me . . .
  2. There is little difference between NASCAR and soccer when it comes to fans. Both sports are incredibly polarizing. You have very few casual fans of NASCAR and the same goes for EPL name your favorite league. (I can’t keep up with the number of leagues) Both sports are very team/driver/brand loyal as well. More than NFL and MLB, you don’t see many soccer fans rooting for more than one team. Ever. Same for NASCAR.
  3. Lubbock needs more interesting water towers. I’m pretty sure that’s all that is holding back several Fortune 500 companies from relocating to West Texas. Each water tower could have its own theme. You could also sell advertising on the water towers with the money going to pay for more lobbyists from the Texas Municipal League to help make sure city and county “leaders” can raise your taxes as much as they want without you getting a say; even though they all say they won’t.
  4. Jerry Jones has earned the right to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There. I said it. Not for anything he’s done on the field as owner of the Dallas Cowboys, there are far more deserving owners than he on that level, but for what he’s contributed to the structure and business practice of the league. From the salary cap to innovative marketing and enhanced revenue streams, TV deals to rules, Jones has been a driving force the last 25 years in making the NFL the dominant sports business in America.
  5. If you like to fish, if you like to think about fishing, if you like to read about fishing when you can’t be fishing; there’s no better guy to read than John Gierach. If you’ve never taken the time to settle in with one of his books or read a short story or two of his, you’re missing out. Heck, you don’t even have to fish to enjoy Gierach. Settle in with some of his writing before the summer slips away. I’d start with “Trout Bum” but you can’t wrong with any of his stuff. Enjoy.



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  1. Soccer is an amazing sport. Especially the Texas Tech Women’s Soccer Team!!!! Or when your daughter is on a team for 13 seasons….. Have missed only one game in those 13 seasons!!! Go Jamie!!!!!

  2. Jerry is probably THE worst GM and one of the best owners ever in the history of the NFL. He definitely changed the game in regards to the tv contracts and marketing. Jerry found new revenue streams and even though many didn’t like him in 89 (and still don’t), he’s been pretty darn good for the Cowboys overall. Except for his GM-ing, that is.

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