5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From A Love/Hate Relationship With Baseball, Jimmy Buffett Wisdom, To A Tribute To A Fine Dog

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – June 11, 2017




  1. I love baseball. I hate baseball. If you don’t have those kinds of feelings about the game, you’re not doing it right. This last week’s early exit from the NCAA Tournament by Texas Tech summed that feeling up once again perfectly. Friday and Saturday it was a love affair for Texas Tech fans with the National Pastime. Sunday and Monday was excruciating sports torture. Baseball. Aside from the sting of the loss in the Regional round is watching teams the Red Raiders beat playing this weekend for the right to go to the College World Series. Promise unfulfilled is one of the toughest things to see. If nothing else what happened last week should show Texas Tech fans how hard it is to get to Omaha and why 2014 and 2016 were special years.
  2. One of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs is, “You’ll Never Work In Dis Bidness Again”! On one hand it comes off as a light-hearted look at the music industry. It goes a lot deeper then that when you look at what Buffett is really saying. He figured it out. Heck, it’s darn near a motto around “Raiderland” these days. If you’re working in whatever business you’re involved in,  you’re missing out on the good stuff.
  3. My wife and son were out of town all last week on vacation with her family. I stay behind to “never work in this bidness again. . . “. It’s amazing how quickly one can revert to bachelor habits when left to their own devices. I warned her last night on the way home that if she were hungry she might want to stop in town and get something to eat, things were a little sparse around here. Luckily she believed me. I was down to one last frozen pizza. I did try and eat healthy while she was gone. I had something green one night. Not sure what it was. But it was green.
  4. I’m not one to complain about technology, I love it even if I don’t always understand it. That said, sometimes I think we’re overloaded by the “information” it can provide. Case in point, watching a sports event on TV now. When they first put the time and score up constantly I thought it was great. First down line? Handy to know if you’re not savvy on football. Now though there’s so much non-picture stuff on the screen it’s hard to get the picture. Try watching a baseball game on TV. I’ve got so many graphics going I think it’s a playstation game and I’m supposed to push a button to make the guy pitch. (Slider. Always). I think we’ve hit the diminishing point of return on graphics. Show me the GAME I tuned into watch. If your announcers are any good they can fill-in a few gaps here and there.
  5. If you’re blessed you get to have one or two good dogs pass through your life. I’ve been blessed. I have several special dogs. One of them was Sierra. She showed up in my brother’s life several years ago when he was out fishing. She decided he needed a dog, so she stayed around. Great looking chocolate lab. Personable and quite the couch-sitter and napper as well as a known hater of birds and airplanes that flew in her “air-space”.  She stayed with my brother till he suddenly passed away back in 2015.

After that she became a vital part of my parent’s home, being just the perfect dog at the perfect time in their world. Last summer Sierra came out to the country to be a part of our family. She fit in well and she became a running-buddy with our Catahoula mix named Sadie. We called them the Bobbsey Twins are they explored the countryside, chased animals and did what dogs love to do.

We lost Sierra this past Friday when she finally caught one of those tractors that she’d been trying to corral for a long time. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. It was horrible but it also happens sometimes out here where dogs get to be free to run, play and yes, sometimes get hurt. It’s a price I’m willing to pay to let an animal be an animal and the joy of movement and freedom. Sierra got to spend her last year doing anything and everything a dog could enjoy while being a great part of our family. I can’t ask for much more from a “pet”.

Sierra was special. She played a huge and loving role in the lives of many different folks during her time on planet Earth. For different reasons at different times she was exactly what someone needed.

I can’t imagine a better tribute to a dog. 

Now, you can go fishing again with Matt, Sierra. . .



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  1. While I agree getting to Omaha is difficult to do, why is tcu shooting for its 4th straight appearance? LSU is a perennial Omaha participant, as is Florida. Is it because of their pairings in the Regional/Supers, or are they just better than we are? It seems there are teams who consistently get there, and I wonder why.

    1. Some are better. Some have deeper pockets. Some have deeper traditions and made greater commitments to baseball than other schools years ago. Sometimes you just play bad at the exact wrong time. That’s what Texas Tech did last week.

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