5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Avocados To Sunburns, The Last ABC Rodeo To Boondoggles And Basketball

  1. There’s nothing better than the first really good “sunburn” of the season. I know that’s not P.C. or healthy to say anymore, but whether at a baseball game or out at the lake or on the links, that first feeling of “heat” on your face…it feels good and reminds you that warmer, greener days are coming.
  2. I regret to announce that I’ve never been so happy that I wanted to flip cars over and set fire to other folks property. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Wait. I do. I’m a grown-up with mature emotions and rational thinking ability.
  3. It’s dangerous when you start trying to compare eras in sports. That said, I’d love to see this year’s Texas Tech men’s basketball team take on the 1985 Bubba Jennings squad. Give Jennings a 3-point shot and the world changes! I think I’d make this year’s Tech team a 3.5 point favorite, but I’d pay good money to watch the game.
  4. Even though President Trump didn’t shut down the border with Mexico this past week, and whether you think there is a crisis there or not, I find it sad and laughable that seemingly many folks in this country thought the biggest impact would be the price of avocados. We are soft and we have lost our way as a nation when that becomes a legitimate talking-point.
  5. The last ABC Rodeo went off this past week at the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum. I am on record saying it’s more than past time to blow-up the coliseum. I’m also a fan of rodeo. I’ve no doubt that if this region really cares about the ABC Rodeo and rodeo in general than a privately financed solution will come about. The current “Expo Center” isn’t that solution. In fact, it will set back efforts to create a real arena going forward because of the ham-handed, poor execution of the group trying to scam the citizens of Lubbock out of tax money for a boondoggle of an arena. Then again, perhaps you can scam voters in Lubbock out of their money. It seems to happen a lot around these parts when no one pays attention. . .


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  1. Your brother and I had many wild nights… From Lubbock to Starkville and all the way to Wyoming but through it all; we never thought about flipping over cars. First, we were not strong enough to do so. Next, we probably were not sober enough to do so. Last and most importantly, we were raised better than that!

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