5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Being Held Hostage By Technology To Rain, Work To Making Work Fun

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – The Post-Vacation Edition


  1. There’s nothing more humbling than losing your phone, or in my case having it just go dead for no reason. Mine’s now off at the Apple Doctor, which means they’ll send me a new phone in few days. For now, I realize I know exactly two, maybe three phone numbers off the top of my head and that’s about it. I also realize how much time I spend on the phone and how dependent we all have become on our phones. Never would have thought that 20-years ago, maybe even 15. Oh, have I kinda enjoyed the past three days? Ya, just a bit. But like everything else, I’ll have to get it fixed and working or be left behind. The price of “progress”.
  2. Did we drive 365 miles to enjoy some rain last week? Yes. Yes we did. Maybe the highlight of my trip was watching it rain and rain hard most of Thursday in Red River, New Mexico. They needed it just like we do in West Texas. It was great to walk around in the cool rain with no hat or protection, literally soaking it in. You could tell who was from West Texas. They had no umbrella and just looked up into the sky, thankful. It was the longest continuous rain I’d seen in months, not counting our recent foray into Nebraska for the CWS. Just perfect. Here’s to more and the ability to be grateful to God for it and not upset that it “interrupted” plans.
  3. Speaking of being humbled, if you want to see the power of nature just take a drive from Cimarron to Eagle Nest and view the Ute Park Fire damage. There’s not a picture I can show you that can convey the massive amount of destruction. That no homes were lost and more importantly lives is a tribute to the skill of the firefighters and some Devine Help no doubt. It hadn’t burned up there like that in a long time. I keep telling myself it will look even better in coming years than before, but for now it’s an awesome reminder of Who is in charge.
  4. There’s not much better than watching your son learn the message of trading an hour’s worth of value he can provide for an hour’s worth of compensation from someone needing his value. He’s learning quickly that to increase what his hour is worth he’s gonna have to increase the value he can bring. That’s a lesson we all fail to heed at many times in our life. Myself included.
  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a pretty darn good race car driver. He’s going to be remembered by many though as an even better announcer. Early on he’s showing an innate ability to paint a picture for a viewer without be heavy-handed or condescending. He’s funny and glib and honest. I don’t care what sport you are broadcasting, if you can find a knowledgable person who brings that to a broadcast you’ve found someone worth paying attention to. This isn’t brain surgery. It’s supposed to be fun and you can can tell Jr. is having fun early in his TV career. Can’t wait to go along for the ride!


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