5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Church Camps To Weddings, Sunburns To The Bakersfield Beat

5 Things We Know On A Sunday 


  1. Our son just got back from his first Church Camp of the summer. I don’t know for sure what the cost was, but I promise you we made up for it in just a few days of his eating on their dime and not ours! He had a great time as always, but I’m pretty sure he got into their pantry and cost ’em!  As a side-note, youth church camp laundry at the end of the week smells about the same as adult “fishing trip” laundry does at the end of the week. My wife is learning . . .
  2. The best thing on radio right now is Dwight Yoakam’s “The Bakersfield Beat” channel #349 on SiriusXM. If you can listen, listen. A great history of the migration west from the plains to California during the Dust Bowl era and aftermath and how the people brought their music with them. Yoakam is one interesting cat, has a great grasp of music history and his selection in songs is fantastic for this channel. This is how media can still be compelling. A lesson for other outlets.
  3. I’m not much of a wedding guy, as most of y’all can imagine. I went to a fantastic one though this past Friday night. You know when the bride and groom are named Rachel and Ross and they play the theme song from “Friends” as they exit down the aisle that it’s a great wedding with a fun couple. Not gonna tell you what was shoe-polished on the back window of his truck. Trust me, it was classic though! Best wishes to the Hargroves, you’re doing it right!
  4. I once really got into horse racing, both quarter horse and thoroughbred. I can remember the allure of the Triple Crown as a kid watching first Secretariat win in ’73 then Seattle Slew in ’77 and Allydar in ’78. I’m hoping that the recent Triple Crown wins by American Pharoah in 2015 and now this years win by Justify will get me back into the sport a little bit. I doubt it, but maybe. It just seems the sport isn’t nearly as visible on the American stage these days and that until the Kentucky Derby rolls around no attention is paid to the horses or the sport. A very small window to enjoy it.
  5. I don’t know if it does a bit of good at all, but I sure do like keeping a tube of aloe vera gel in the fridge and slathering that on my massive forehead when it gets too much sun. I’m sure there’s a better sunburn treatment, but the cold works for me.


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  1. Thanks for passing along #2. It got me to thinking, why can’t there be the Lubbock sound. It could be all the Lubbock musicians plus you and Don Williams talking sports for a while, Chad Hasty talking politics, and Wade Wilkes talking guns. Whadda think?

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