5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Pete Cawthon To Fried Chicken, Hurricane Names To What I Don’t Say Enough . . . Happy Sunday, Y’all!

5 Things We Know On S Sunday

  1. Pete Cawthon is the most interesting, conflicting and hard-to-understand characters in the history of Texas Tech athletics. If you think Mike Leach was polarizing and left folks scratching their heads over how things turned out, you need to brush up on the Tender Tyrant who was Cawthon. In fact, I recommend the book “Tender Tyrant” by Etta Lunch if you really want to know early Texas Tech history. Eighty years later and it still shapes in some ways what the institution is and has become. . .
  2. Hurricanes should be named after rock bands. The Scorpions will make landfall later tonight and of course they will rock you like a . . .
  3. Cold friend chicken eaten on the side of the road next to a river on the way to a mountain vacation is about as good as life gets. Thank you Mom for teaching me to keep it simple. We all have a tendency in this life to muddle things up. Sometimes, you just need to eat on the side of the road in the shade and enjoy the moment.
  4. If you didn’t hack someone off this week, make someone a little uncomfortable or at the very least give someone reason to question you – you probably didn’t tell the truth enough.
  5. I don’t say, “Thank You” enough.



  1. That book sounds like a must read. Unfortunately they must not be publishing it anymore because there was only one copy available on amazon for 850 dollars!

  2. 1. I’m sadly not educated enough about this but will become…
    2. Hurricane “Deep Purple,” “Skid Row,” “Motley Crew,” and “Metallica” would be cool…
    3. Cold fried catfish at lunch while hunting quail in southwest Oklahoma is epic!
    4. I pissed off my wife early Friday afternoon so “check”
    5. Thank you for doing what you do!

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