5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Reunions to Willie Nelson, Taco Villa to Chase Elliott.

5 Things We Know On A Sunday 


  1.  When your wife and son are gone for a week or so, your food consumption standards drop dramatically. In fact, at a certain point, you pretty much give up on the idea of eating well and you just start to scavenge. Did I make a few poor food choices this past week or so? Perhaps. Gourmet chili cheese dogs on a Tuesday at 9:30 at night? Sure. Frozen potstickers where you can’t find and expiration date on the bag? Of course. I did draw the line at actually consuming veggies and fruit. I might be desperate, but I’m not crazy!
  2. The best thing about reunions, be it a class or family, is the ability to hit play on a pause button and continue an ongoing conversation with someone you care about that’s lasted for years and years: interrupted at by time and distance – but never ended. If you’re lucky enough to have those relationships with a few folks you’re doing things right. That’s the best part about getting together with friends and family you don’t always see, but always care about. It doesn’t take long to catch up. . .
  3. Chase Elliot getting his first career NASCAR Cup win Sunday at Watkins Glen is one of those moments that if you’re a sports fan you’ll want to file away. Twenty years from now this will be a significant date in sports history Add in the fact that Elliott does it the right way, is the son of a NASCAR Hall Of Famer in Bill Elliott and that he’s just flat-out good – you’ve got a moment this weekend that will resonate for years.
  4.  Current favorite song: “Hands On The Wheel” – Willie Nelson.  Click the link and you’re welcome.
  5. If you have a business and want to see what “Brand Loyalty” looks like in real-life, do a study on all of my friends who live outside of West Texas about how they are unwilling to leave the Hubbaplex without going to Taco Villa. It’s like a pilgrimage to host sauce, burritos and tacos. The hold it has on displaced West Texans is impressive.


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  1. No. 4: What an interesting universe we live in. The boy went school clothes shopping with his mother this afternoon, so I ventured out to mow the yard. As my iPod played this song, and having listened to this album more times than I can possibly imagine, I deemed this song to be the best on the album and in the Top 5 of all Willie Nelson songs
    Must have been something special going on in the cosmos today.

  2. Oh the food that you miss while being away from Lubbock is the Old Taco Village near Ave Q and Clovis Highway….. the Chili Rellenos with Beef Chili con Queso…. which you now get at Durangos’…. The best tex mex relleno in USA.

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