5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Sports Dynasties To West Texas Rain, Back-To-School And Pressure Of A New Truck

5 Things We Know On A Sunday 


  1. School ought to start the Tuesday after Labor Day and wrap-up no later than the last day of May. That’s plenty of time to get in any and all instruction needed on things that really need to be instructed on. That of course would mean getting rid of the pointless testing and getting us back to real tests and teaching. It’s never bee an issue of time, only how we spend our time in education.
  2. Sports dynasties are good, maybe even needed. Folks still long for the “dominant” Tiger Woods not just the competitive Tiger Woods. When the Yankees and Dodgers ruled baseball they called it the Golden Age. In the NFL, eras are defined by great times like the Browns of the 1950’s, Packers of the 60’s, Steelers and Cowboys of the 70’s and so on. Great teams give everyone else something to shoot for and make it meaningful when you win. A great examples was the rise of Texas Tech Lady Raider Basketball. In trying to match Texas, they not only caught the Lady Horns, but the nation as well; winning a NCAA Championship. Dynasties are good.
  3. Sprite Zero and Diet Cran-Pom juice mixed 1/2 and 1/2 makes for fine beverage in the mornings.
  4. There’s not much more pressure in life than having a new truck and trying to not be the first family member to spill anything, track in mud, scratch something or in general – breathe too heavily causing some sort of change in the pristine nature of the vehicle. I’m even wearing “New Truck Smell” cologne when I drive it just in case.
  5. There’s nothing more hopeful and anticipatory in West Texas than seeing summer rain clouds on the horizon, slowly making their way to your land. There’s nothing more frustrating and fleeting than watching those same clouds drift-off or dissipate before bringing you the rain they teased you with hours earlier. Luckily, we got to see some of that rain make it to the South Plains this week. It was welcomed and will be well used.


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