5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Talladega To Tacos, NFL To Bill Cosby And Donald Trump

5 Things We Know On A Sunday 


  1.  If you’re not a NASCAR fan, don’t watch today’s race at Talladega until about 20 laps to go. You will be bored and won’t get it if you watch from the start. If you’re a NASCAR fan you’re listening this morning to NASCAR Radio on Sirius channel 90. Really looking forward to this one today. I think we will come out of Alabama with some great story lines. I don’t know who will win, but I know who won’t . . .
  2. My son wanted Taco Bell for some reason yesterday so we stopped and got some sort of loaded taco thing. I don’t think we’ll be hitting Taco Bell again anytime soon. When you can’t impress a middle schooler with tacos, you’re doing tacos wrong. I tried one. Can take that off the bucket list and move on now with life.
  3. The NFL Draft on Thursday night had more viewers than NBA Play-Off games. That’s mind-boggling. It goes to show the power of the brand and how the NFL has turned a non-event into must-watch TV for fans. It’s like watching folks scratch off lotto tickets, but fans still watch.
  4. It’s easy to cast a vote based on emotion when it involves other people’s money.
  5. What would shocked you more in 1986? If I came back from the future and told you Donald J. Trump was President Of The United States or that Bill Cosby was a convicted sex offender? If I threw in the fact that both the Cubs and Astros had won the last two World Series that would probably cap things….


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