5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From TE’s To Fruitcakes, Scooters To Dust Storms

5 Thins We Know On A Sunday 


  1.  You know you’ve got a good wife when one of the first things she says on a Sunday morning is,”Don’t let me forget, I’ve got to pick up a good TE on the waiver wire today”.
  2. West Texas dust storms wreak havoc on my sinuses and allergies. That said, I’ll take a day or two of blowing dust compared to some other weather features around the country. A good dust storm helps us identify who really wants to be in West Texas and who doesn’t.
  3. Nothing makes a town look better than putting up Christmas decorations on street lights and other main areas. It brings back an old-fashioned feel to the urban sprawl and sameness of many shopping centers and streets these days. I hope where ever you live your town does the holidays right.
  4. Do not be afraid of great fruitcake this Christmas. Served warm with a little butter, it’s fantastic. Of course the best is in Texas and you know it. . . Collins Street Bakery in Corsicana. Do yourself a favor and try it this year!
  5. Now that the Scooter thing has over-taken Lubbock, can other businesses now randomly set-up on city sidewalks or in front of other businesses and home and hawk their wares and services? I agree with KFYO’s Chad Hasty when he said,” imagine a car dealer just leaving the trucks on the sidewalk with an app to call them and a guy will come sell it to you”. If the little scooter company wants to do business they should have to pay for brick-and-mortar spots like everyone else and keep their crap off the streets and sidewalks of Lubbock. What a mess.


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  1. #2. Nailed it. And to the carpetbaggers who are using the word “haboob” or whatever the crap they are saying, get off you high horse. It’s a dust storm. Has been, is, and forever will be a dust storm. Get over it. This is West Texas.

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