5 Things We Know On A Sunday – July 30, 2017 – From Adrian Beltre to LP&L, Texas Teacher Pay to The Matador Song. . .

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – July 30, 2017




  1. Yes Virginia, Adrian Beltre is the greatest Texas Rangers player of all-time. I say that looking at a painting of Nolan Ryan in my office.
  2. For the folks in Lubbock, the problem isn’t what LP&L is charging you for electricity: the problem is that LP&L has become the loan-shark, bill collector for the City of Lubbock. It’s a great scam. Put all the other department bills on one. Water. Fees. (Which are taxes they’re too gutless to call taxes) Garbage. Storm-Drainage Fees. You name it. Can’t pay your water? We’ll shut your electricity off. Can’t afford a massive storm-drainage fee? We’ll shut your electricity off. Maybe some day folks will figure it out and demand Lubbock not just make a more transparent bill, but bill you separately for what you use. As for it being city owned, what’s the point when they can’t generate any electricity for you?
  3. The person/company who marries the bacon cheese burger to a pizza, does it right with little bitty onions and big pickles with a dose of mustard…the person who does that will achieve fame, fortune and probably solve most major world problems. At the very least, I’d say that person is smart enough to figure out how to make New Mexico roads better . . .
  4. There’s nothing stopping any school district in the State of Texas from paying their teachers the way they pay their coaches and utilizing the money they spend on athletics and athletic facilities on classroom supplies and educational materials. Not a thing. There is no salary cap for teachers. It is purely a matter of priority for local districts how they spend “their” money. Of course when they run out of “their’ money it’s a State issue. . . Priorities.
  5. As much as I love the “Red Raiders” nickname for Texas Tech, there’s a part of me that would enjoy seeing Texas Tech bring back the Matador mascot – just to hack off liberals and PETA folks. Of course I’m a little surprised there hasn’t been a movement on campus from the liberal-leftists professors and administrators making a buck off of good Texans to totally eliminate all references to “Matadors” at Texas Tech. Wait for it. Soon. Someone will try and suppress the “Matador Song” as the school song. It’s just a matter of time. It will come from within the school these days, and not from the outside. . .



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  1. I agree with you. Number 4 is hard to swallow as a teacher. It’s definitely a slippery slope for sure.

    1. When it comes to spending money at the local district level, sadly, teachers seem to be last in line. They have lots of “wants’ to spend money on, but what they need to spend money on they don’t; then cry poor to the State.
      Teachers get the shaft. Again.

  2. Numero dos- Follow the business relationships, former businesses, kinfolk of every
    member of the council and it makes a little laundry operation flirting with the cartel up in the ozarks look like Sunday school.

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