5 Things We Know On A Sunday – October 8, 2017 – The Lubbock Roads/Coliseum, Will & Grace, MLB Edition

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – October 8, 2017





  1. I think any candidate for Lubbock City or County office could probably get elected with one simple pledge. For two years the city and county will only spend new and additional money on roads. All other projects and services would be frozen at current rate of spending or slashed. Get the roads right. As they say, you got one job. Of course they’ll probably vote themselves pay-raises at the county level and try to buy an empty Hastings store location and try to turn it into the Fire Department Headquarters at the city level. Roads . . .
  2. America doesn’t have a gun problem. America has a heart and head problem. From what we celebrate and promote in the mass media and glorify in popular culture to what we accept and allow at our own dinner tables. America doesn’t have a problem with an inanimate object, it has a problem with inanimate souls.
  3. Dear Major League Baseball: You get to October and some of the greatest games of the year and you bury your product on channels some folks don’t have and at times many can’t watch. That’s not smart. If you want to grow the game, do right by your best product. The NFL doesn’t put play-off games on at 3p.m. on a Thursday on Jewelry TV. Think about it. Of course one of your problems is that there are too many teams in the post-season. But that’s a story for another day. Looking forward to seeing Cleveland and Los Angeles finish up the World Series some November night at 11:15 p.m. Thanks.
  4. NBC has run out of new ideas so they brought back “Will And Grace”. A funny show the first time around, because it was a comedy. Now it’s an agenda-driven program, much like all the late night “comics” seem to want to be. That will cause it to fail. Too bad. I had hopes it might be funny, but usually those revamps never work. It ended for a reason. If they really want to bring back some old shows, do it right with a new cast like a movie remake. We nominate A.L.F. for the first reboot.
  5. Looking forward to seeing how quickly the Lubbock City Council can get the abandonment of the Coliseum/Auditorium complex back to Texas Tech. Hopefully within the next calendar year that can be done. The Auditorium is easily replaced by the Buddy Holly Center and other events can move to the Civic Center/Fair Park ( for a short period of time ) after that it will be interesting to watch the turf wars and political fights as city leaders and civic cheerleaders call for a new multi-purpose arena to be built downtown. At the least though, Texas Tech can make much better use of that land than it’s current state.



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  1. #2. If we ever accept the fact we are all different and that is ok. Not…I am different and you are different but I am a BETTER different.

  2. Nothing to add to #1… other than, don’t jinx it. Knowing the City of Lubbock, they’ll pay $5 million for each old Hasting’s building, to convert into a multi- purpose facility…combination Fire Dept., dog park and Visitor’s Center… with a monorail connecting them… at a cost that will vary, depending upon which councilman is talking…and certainly increase, each month.

    #2…Inanimate souls. excellent terminology. Souls that are inanimate, and hearts that are moving…away from God.

    3. (My own contribution.)
    I watched a brief video, last night. A gentleman was speaking at a college commencement. Her spoke of his father…a 3rd grade dropout. He told of the wisdom his father had, I’m spite of having no education.
    He spoke of how his father instilled, in all the siblings, a mentality of hard work, perseverance, and not blaming society for their failures. That wisdom is the tool that drives knowledge… without wisdom, an education has no purpose.
    I couldn’t agree more. Knowledge without wisdom, is like a nail without a hammer.
    Wisdom is what is missing, in so many people, today. Kids are graduating from college thinking their newly acquired knowledge is all they need, to make it in this world. How sad.

    4. We spent the past week listening to a lot of bobble heads, who consistently use tragedies to preach to us about the issue of the week. Funny how that gaggle of mindless mouthpieces continually prove that they have neither knowledge NOR wisdom.

    5. Speaking of those people…it continues to boggle my mind, that they sit and preach to their target audience…about the evils of the United States being justification for kneeling/ sitting out during the National Anthem…as if the flag of the United States represents a political party, the tiny handful of bad cops, and “white privilege,”… whatever that is. They arrived at a construction job… without hammer and nail. Buncha mo-rons.

  3. Danny, the typo police were told to stand down so no worries there. You hit that list outta the park!! Well done Sir, well done.

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