5 Things We Know On A Super Sunday – From Super Bowl QBs To Shampoo Bottles, The Beatles To Driving Tests Plus A Super Prediction

5 Things We Know On A Super Sunday

  1. If I could have any QB to win one Super Bowl, I’m calling up Joe Montana in his prime to lead my team. It doesn’t matter what style of play or who the opponent is, on Super Sunday I’m taking my chances with Joe Montana. Bart Starr might be a close second. . .
  2. If you want to make anyone over the age of 50 or so mad, just tell them The Beatles are overrated. Short of saying we should eliminate Social Security and make driving test mandatory every two years after the age of 60 I can’t think of anything that gets those folks more fired up.
  3. If you want your kid to always have income in Lubbock, Texas – teach them how to own and operate nail salons or dry cleaners. A close second might be gourmet burger joints. They seem to be everywhere. . .
  4. One of our shampoos at the house actually has instructions on the bottle. “Wet hair first”. This explains so much about our society and where we are in America right now.
  5. Los Angeles 31, New England 27. There, now you know which way to go for this evening’s Super Bowl. Notice I didn’t say take the Rams . . .


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  1. The 60th anniversary of Buddy Holly’s untimely passing isn’t mentioned, but you brought up the Beatles again. Well, Paul noted there would be no Beatles and probably no rock-n-roll without the great Buddy Holly, who was robbed from us at an early age. I forgive your Beatle comment for now. Still listen to the show. I’m hoping your score prediction is wrong. I agree with Montana in his prime though.

  2. Hey, here’s another thing you and Clay Travis have in common— picking (and losing) against the GOAT. I’m not a fan, but until he’s in the ground, Brady is the favorite.

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