A Sincere “Tribute” To Retiring Texas A&M Announcer Dave South From Raiderland

Dave South is legend. 

Whether you’re a Texas Aggie or just a fan around the State of Texas who has listened to him call a Texas A&M game maybe against your favorite school over the last 30 some odd years you know the voice, you know the passion and you understand his love for his job and Texas A&M . Dave South announced this week that this year will be his final season calling Texas A&M football.

(Photo via Stuart Villanueva/The Eagle.)

During the last few decades he’s called more than a few great games between Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Some were more memorable for Tech fans than Aggie fans, but most were exciting one way or the other.

When Texas Tech got the best of the Aggies Dave didn’t always want to let the clock expire or even have the heart to tell Ol’ Army that the Red Raiders had won. Two moments come to mind over the years. One when Texas Tech’s Rodney Blackshear returned a kick-off for a touchdown right before the half in 1990. It was the first time anyone had returned a kick-off for a TD against the all walk-on “12th man” coverage team. It didn’t set well down at Kyle Field. . .

The other was the famed 2002 come-back win by Texas Tech to the tune of 48-47. No TV that day. Radio ruled and on radio, when Tech kicked the last extra-point, South couldn’t bring himself to tell the Aggie fans Tech had won. He tossed it to the field  and made the side-line reporter take them to break. I think before that he might have read a PSA about “Aggies not letting Aggies drive drunk”. That may or may not be true. . .

I’ve known Dave South a long time, I love the guy for his passion and his hard work. He’s given A&M fans exactly what they’ve wanted for years and at the end of the day when you work for the school, that’s your job. He was also smart enough to marry a West Texas girl if I remember right, so he’s got that going for him too.

I’ve spent a few hours around a few hospitality rooms and more with Dave South and can tell you, he’s one of the good ones. So, here’s our tribute to Dave South, from Raiderland tonight!

Go get ya a few more wins and keep looking for flags, Dave!


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  1. I remember years ago we won 12-0 and I was in Austin so I had to listen to Dave. You capsule hear the disgust in his voice as we won. I got a real kick out if it. He’s fun to listen to with Dave Elmendorf(?)

  2. Wonder if people remember he was in the booth and living in Waco as the second man to Baylor’s legend Frank Fallon back in the ’70s.

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