Cultural Index Thursday – The Ultimate Road Songs, What Ya Got?

June 13, 2018

Happy Thursday y’all! While we are on the road to Omaha, we thought we’d pick your brain about some of your favorite “Road Songs”. If you had to listen to one album or one band over the course of the 12-13 hours it takes to drive to Omaha to cover Texas Tech in the College World Series, which band or album would you choose? (Pro Tip: Go with the band…


Cultural Index Thursday – Battle Of The Baseball Movies Edition

June 7, 2018

Happy Thursday from Raiderland, y’all! We got a little rain late this past Sunday night, right after Texas Tech closed out an NCAA Regional Title against Louisville, so everyone is in a great mood this week. There’s a little cotton poking out of the ground around here and a chance for some more showers. Bring ’em on. We can play baseball during the day and let it rain at night!…


Cultural Index Thursday – Your First “Car Date” Question . . .

May 10, 2018

Happy Thursday from Raiderland, y’all! Life is more than just sports and for 20-years now we’ve proved that whether on the old Williams and Hyatt Show or here in Raiderland with the Cultural Index Question.  Some questions are complex, other’s are simple. Today is simple. What was the first place you ever took a date to in Lubbock, Texas?  Does it still exist? Was it a good date? Do you…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Big Event Edition

May 3, 2018

Happy Thursday from Raiderland y’all!  For those east of the Hubbaplex, we hope y’all enjoyed the rain last night. Every little bit helps around here. I figure even if we didn’t get any, the folks who did won’t need to use as much ground water so it’s a win for us all. That said, it’s getting critical moisture-wise for cotton farmers around here. Dial up that rain if you can!…


Cultural Index Thursday – Greatest Non-Sports Events In Lubbock History

April 12, 2018

Happy Thursday, y’all! We’ll take a break form baseball, a new Lady Raider coach and whatnot to get to the really important stuff. Cultural Index Thursday. In a few weeks the voters of Lubbock will go to the polls to decide whether to abandon the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum/Auditorium complex. Since that vote has been talked about, many folks have looked back over the years at the memories created there by…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Greatest Golf Movie Of All-Time

April 5, 2018

Happy Master’s Week and Happy Thursday y’all! Ya, it’s a little bit late in the day, but we’ve had a few things going on. . . As you well know if you follow us on Twitter and Periscope and stuff. . . So, let’s get to it. Usually we go off-sports but this week we want to talk golf since it’s Master’s Week and we all know more about golf…


Cultural Index Thursday – Keeping It Brockmire, Opening Day Edition

March 29, 2018

Happy Thursday, y’all! Welcome to the Cultural Index Question where we take your pulse each week on a few things non-sports related, since we know in Raiderland there’s much more to life than just sports. If not, you’re doing it wrong! It’s not just Thursday, but it’s Opening Day for MLB ( please hang bunting at your home or work-place if possible ) and Texas Tech Baseball is back home…


Cultural Index Thursday – Raiderland Celebrates Boston – The Cheers Cast Power Rankings

March 22, 2018

Happy Thursday y’all! With the Red Raiders in Boston for the Sweet 16 match-up Friday against Purdue we thought we’d celebrate the great city of Boston as the humble Texas guest that we are. . . Unlike a certain unnamed Boston sportswriter who took lazy potshots at Lubbock, we instead will honor the cultural achievements that Beantown has given us over the years. We celebrate their defeat of the evil…