Cultural Index Thursday – Best Of The Worst Beers, The Ones You Don’t Want To Admit You Drank

January 18, 2018

Happy Thursday y’all from a slowly warming up Raiderland! Things didn’t go as folks hoped down in Austin last night for the Red Raider basketball team, but they did go as they have since 1997. Frustrating. We’ll try and pick things up today with our weekly Cultural Index Question. This week we’re gonna do another Raiderland Ranker, we give you the topic and five choices and you rank them best…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Rocking Rank’Em Edition

January 11, 2018

Happy Thursday y’all! It’s time to get rocking in Raiderland this week. We’ll give you the late 80’s bands, you rank ’em 1-5. If you’re young, go ask your folks! Here’s the list of bands to rank. Think about it like this – if you could seen any of these bands live in 1989, which band would you want to see most? Bon Jovi Def Leppard Motley Crue Guns N’…


Cultural Index Thursday – The “Best” Of 2017 – YOUR Favorite Things

December 28, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all! Sorry it’s a little late, but I’ve been taking in some Caprock Tournament action and enjoying the Ropes Lady Eagles continuing to show how to play team basketball, no matter how many “A”‘s are next to your school name! So, let’s get to it and let’s have some end of the year fun with today’s Cultural Index Question. This week I want you all to tell us…


Cultural Index Thursday – Christmas Eve Traditions And More

December 21, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all!  It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas here in West Texas, we’ve been hitting the upper 60’s all week. Rumor has it we might dip down over the weekend and into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We’ll see. I’ve been listening to more Radio Margaritaville than Christmas music this week. Hopefully we’ll get some cooler temps, even if we can’t get a little Christmas snow. So, this week…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Greatest Non-Tech Sports Moments In Lubbock Municipal Coliseum History

December 14, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all! Any day now it’s really gonna feel like Christmas time or even late fall in West Texas. I’m not complaining, but I honestly wouldn’t mind a dose of winter before December 25th. At least give the reindeer a little bit of home when the come down this way, right! So, this week’s Cultural Index Question takes its cue from Texas Tech’s Throwback Basketball games at the Lubbock…


The 27th Annual Raiderland Greatest Christmas Movies Of All-Time List! Where Did Your Favorites Rank This Year!!!!

December 11, 2017

The 27th Annual Raiderland Greatest Christmas Movies Of All-Time     It’s an honor, as it is every year here in Raiderland, to present our list of The Greatest Christmas Movies Of All-Time. When we first began this holiday tradition we had no idea the interest, fun and quite frankly controversy it would generate each December. It goes to show you that folks love their Christmas movies, just like our…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Christmas List Edition

December 7, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all. It’s full-on Christmas weather here in Raiderland today. Finally able to listen to Christmas music and not feel strange with the AC running in the truck! This week’s Cultural Index Question ask you to write your Christmas List for the 10-year old you! What did you want when you were ten? What were the cool gift? Hopefully you got what you wanted, but if you didn’t it’s…


Cultural Index Thursday – The TV Christmas Specials Edition

November 30, 2017

Happy Thursday Y’all! So far, so good in Raiderland this week. We hope your week is going great as well. Now that we’ve made it to Thursday we can tackle the really important issues, like the Cultural Index Question in Raiderland. With Thanksgiving behind us, we can go full-out Christmas Crazy as my son used to call it. Today we’ll start doing just that, and do a ranker on the…


Happy Thanksgiving From Raiderland

November 23, 2017

Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving, y’all from everyone here at Raiderland! I’ve found over the years that no matter what is going on in my life or in the world, there are always more things to be Thankful for than not. I hope that is the same for you and your family and friends today. One of the many things I’m thankful for after my family and friends would be…