Cultural Index Thursday – The Simplest Question We Will Ever Ask

October 19, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all.  It doesn’t get any easier than this. For years, me and my friends have gone back and forth with “The Band Name Of The Day”. It was always a made up name that wasn’t a band but should have been. Then we’d try and decide what kind of music they’d play. Today, we want you to give us here in Raiderland your favorite Band Names Of All-Time….


Cultural Index Thursday – October 12, 2017 – The Lubbock Municipal Coliseum Edition

October 12, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all from Raiderland! Hopefully the week is going well for everyone. We’re drying out again on the South Plains and heating up a bit and that’s good news for all of the cotton producers, so let’s all be thankful for that. On the political front lately, Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope has talked about putting to a vote the abandonment of the Municipal Coliseum and Auditorium complex. If Lubbock…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Tom Petty Edition

October 5, 2017

About 30 years or so ago I bought a tape that’s a part of my musical library and really helped shape my musical tastes over these past three decades. I picked up Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Pack Up The Plantation: Live!” cassette. What ever comes after cool. What ever comes after epic. What ever comes after rock and roll, that’s what I heard. Of course we lost Petty earlier…


Cultural Index Thursday – September 21, 2017 – The South Plains Fair Edition

September 21, 2017

Happy Thursday Y’all! It still doesn’t feel like fall yet here in West Texas. Hopefully today is the final day in the 90’s. Let’s just say football practice Wednesday was a little on the hot side around here. A quick check of the forecast tells us this weekend brings us cooler temps and a decent chance of rain. So, you know what that means. The South Plains Fair is back…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Strange Job Edition

September 14, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all!  It’s a little late in the day, but sometimes that happens. Gotta do stuff, gotta take care of stuff. But, here we go with today’s Cultural Index Question.  Earlier today I got to thinking about weird, bad, strange jobs we’ve all had to do over the years. I once filled in for a friend of mine delivering travel agency airline tickets. Never do that. The travel agency…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Gadget And Gizmo Edition

September 7, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all! If you’re battling the bye-week blues I understand. Nothing worse than getting teased with a little Texas Tech football, and then they take it away from us! Add in the fact that the Red Raiders exceeded some expectations and it makes waiting around for the Arizona State game that much harder. We’re here to help in Raiderland. Today’s Cultural Index Question focuses in on the gadget and…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Houston Edition

August 31, 2017

Normally we look outside the bounds of sports on Cultural Index Thursday. Today we will blur the lines a bit a celebrate our Bayou City down to the south. Today we want you to give us either your favorite Houston sports figures all-time or your favorite things about the Houston area. It could be a place to eat, a place to hang-out or . . . well . . ….


Cultural Index Thursday – The Collectors Edition

August 24, 2017

“She collected gun-slingers, First-stringers, dead-ringers She just needed more.” –Joe Ely    Almost everyone I know collects something. Maybe you started collecting baseballs as a kid and you still do it. Maybe you got into something as an adult and it’s grown into a full-blown collection. So, what is it that you collect? You’d think, doing what I do for a living, that I’d have a massive sports collection of…


Cultural Index Thursday – The George Strait Edition

August 3, 2017

Remember when they used to play George Strait on the radio? Remember when they used to play country music on the radio? ? I saw last night where George Strait is going to perform the soundtrack to Pure Country in Las Vegas in a month or so. That’s one show that would be hard to pass up. Never mind the fact I’ve seen Straight in concert at least double-digit times…


Cultural Index Thursday – The High School Dating Edition

July 27, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all! We’re getting closer to football every day. The Dallas Cowboys have already reported to their training camp so that means NFL Drama is back in full-force. The Red Raiders get back in town this weekend with a local media day on Sunday and then first practice on Monday. It’s July. It’s still hotter the blue blazes. But we’re getting closer. . . So, to help us pass…