Cultural Index Thursday – The George Strait Edition

August 3, 2017

Remember when they used to play George Strait on the radio? Remember when they used to play country music on the radio? ? I saw last night where George Strait is going to perform the soundtrack to Pure Country in Las Vegas in a month or so. That’s one show that would be hard to pass up. Never mind the fact I’ve seen Straight in concert at least double-digit times…


Cultural Index Thursday – The High School Dating Edition

July 27, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all! We’re getting closer to football every day. The Dallas Cowboys have already reported to their training camp so that means NFL Drama is back in full-force. The Red Raiders get back in town this weekend with a local media day on Sunday and then first practice on Monday. It’s July. It’s still hotter the blue blazes. But we’re getting closer. . . So, to help us pass…


Cultural Index Thursday – Lubbock Time-Travelin’ Restaurant Style

July 13, 2017

By now most of you have heard that another long-time Lubbock restaurant has gone the way of the buffalo. The Ranch House, in pure Ranch House style, posted a sign on the door yesterday saying they were permanently out of business. The Ranch House was a gathering spot for the elite, not-so elite and then of course my friends. Just an unpretentious place to get some coffee, breakfast and lunch….


Cultural Index Thursday – What’s In Your Yard Edition???

July 6, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all. A little late, and I apologize for that, but here is you Cultural Index Question for this week in Raiderland. This week, let’s talk about our yards. Let’s talk about those cool, curious, interesting, crazy, can’t-believe-the-wife-let-me-have-it things you have in your yard. The stranger or more interesting the better! What is the coolest thing you have in your yard?  From a pink flamingo to a windmill. From…


Cultural Index Thursday – Greatest Small Town Festivals In Texas

June 29, 2017

Happy Thursday Y’all and Happy July The 4th.!   I can still remember my grandmother calling it July The 4th instead of the 4th of July. Not sure why that resonates with me, but it does. . .   So, in honor of my grandmother and the birthday of the United States Of America, let’s have some fun this week on the Cultural Index Question.   Nobody does small town…


Cultural Index Thursday – 20 Year Anniversary/Greatest Movie Soundtracks

June 22, 2017

Cultural Index Thursday 6 22 17 – The Anniversary Edition   20 years ago in Oklahoma City, at the inaugural Big 12 Baseball Tournament the Cultural Index Question was born. It was a way to kill some time during games in the heat, the oppressive heat, of that first tournament. It was something to do over beers and baseball. We started talking movies and music and more. It became the…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Greatest Baseball Player You Ever Saw In Person

June 1, 2017

Happy Thursday y’all! I’ts a great time to be in West Texas. We’ve got NCAA Baseball action and maybe, just maybe, Delaware brought in some of those fighting chickens they’re so famous for. Not that I condone that. At all. . . So. For this week’s Cultural Index Question let’s talk about baseball and food. Tell us the Greatest Baseball Player you’ve ever seen in person. As a bonus answer…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Greatest “High School” Movies Of All-Time

May 25, 2017

Happy Thursday, Raiderland! It’s been a good day. Texas Tech beat Baylor in the Big 12 Baseball Tournament, we hit 100 on the temp scale in Lubbock ( Let’s Grow Cotton ) and most of our kids are finishing up school this week. So, in honor of all of our graduates on the South Plains and beyond, let’s talk about the Greatest High School Movies of All-Time. What’s the best…


Cultural Index Thursday – The Tom Hanks Edition

May 18, 2017

Happy Thursday from Iraq, err, I mean Lubbock. Sorry, I get confused where I live after former Texas Tech football coach Tommy Tuberville likened living in Lubbock to Iraq this week on a radio interview in Alabama. Don’t worry. We’ll get to him and that in due course. Today though we celebrate Thursday and we don’t let The Great Steak Escape Artist get us down. So. Here’s today’s Cultural Index…


The Lubbock Tornado – 47 Years Later / Cultural Index Thursday

May 11, 2017

Today’s Cultural Index Thursday takes time to reflect upon and remember the death and destruction visited on Lubbock May 11, 1970. The city still feels the effects of that killer tornado 47 years later. The tornado forever altered the growth pattern of the city, it changed how schools would grow and where business would locate to. Of course the real loss was that of 26 lives, folks just going about…