American Bad-Ass

Sunday’s With George Thatcher – A Double-Dose Of George Wisdom! The Excitement Of ”Local News” And The Dangers Of Concrete Thinking And Nurses Chasing Down A Naked Guy. Never Know What You’ll Get From George!

Never get chased by a nurse. . . Words to live by. […]

George Thatcher

Sunday’s With George Thatcher: Point Of Decision. A Sobering Reminder That The Events That Created A Need For Memorial Day Are Still Unfolding All Around The World Right Now For American Troops.

What’s next in this proxy war between the US and Russia? A Memorial Day lesson. […]


Sunday’s With Geroge Thatcher – Did The Hippies Have It Right? It’s Dusk On The Age Of Aquarius, How Did That Generation Do When It Comes To Love, Life And Prosperity? Will History Be Kind?

As they used to say, turns out it was a bummer. . . […]