On Veterans Day, We’ve Got A Lot Of Folks To Salute…Foremost Among Them, The Military Families Who Give So Much! George Thatcher Writes A Great Tribute Today. Enjoy And Share!

Once again, our resident bad-ass and Veteran in Raiderland writes a great column! […]

George Thatcher

Sundays With George Thatcher, Our Resident Bad-Ass In Raiderland. A Wicked Tale For Halloween. Not For The Faint Of Heart! What Would Love Make One Do??? The Epic Legend Of La Llorona …

An epic Opus for Halloween from Maj. Thatcher. Don’t read it in the dark! […]

American Bad-Ass

Sundays With George Thatcher (ON A MONDAY): Sometimes, You Gotta Go Fishing! A Trip To The Coast For Our Resident Bad-Ass In Raiderland. What Did They Catch? What Was The Quest? Sometimes, The Fish Are A Bonus….

Fun mandatory, Fish optional. […]

George Thatcher

Hurricane Ian Reminds Us Again, You’re Never Really Ready, You’re Never Really Far From Disaster And That Helping Hand Might Be A Snake… Our Resident Bad-Ass In Raiderland, George Thatcher Ruminates On Hurricanes Past And Challenges Present.

89 years of living gives your some perspective, even on Hurricanes… […]