Should Texas Tech Alter The Offense To “Protect” Duffey Vs KU? How’s Your Pooch Game? Can OU Still Win The Big 12? It’s The R&D Podcast Featuring KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier!

October 16, 2018

When Kliff Kingsbury speaks we listen. And then, we usually go do a podcast or something. This is it! The R&D Podcast (Little Research/No Development) featuring KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier looks at a few very cool and interesting questions regarding Texas Tech football, the Big 12 and Pooch Game. Pooch Game. As always: Enjoy. Comment. Share.  


What The Hell’s Going On In Lubbock – KFYO Radio Host Chad Hasty Looks At The Latest On Texas Tech Regents Trying To Justify Ousting Chancellor Robert Duncan, County Commish On County Commish “Violence” and Much More In Lubbock!

August 22, 2018

KFYO radio host Chad Hasty is as plugged in as a swamp cooler on a hot day in East Texas… This week’s podcast takes a look at the furor over the firing of Robert Duncan at Texas Tech, and make no mistake, he was fired. Are the incoming Lubbock County Commissioners fighting what the outgoing ones are doing? Yes. Yes they are. We got a lot going on in Lubbock…


Cultural Index Thursday – “Your Name Here”, Your Dream Team To Play One Game For

August 16, 2018

Things have been a little heavy around the Hubbaplex the last few days. We could always use a little fun and take away time from the serious. Hence, the Cultural Index Question each week in Raiderland. . . So let’s get on with it today, and let’s get some great participation tonight. Today’s question is simple: If you could have appeared in one game for any pro sports team, which…


Golf USA’s Stacy Nix Visits With Raiderland On How The Pros Prep For British Open, Marketing Of Golf & More

July 12, 2018

We’re a week out from the British Open, so we thought we’d slide over to Golf USA here in Lubbock and visit with Stacy Nix on a variety of subjects. From how the best prepare for the Open to what it would mean to golf to have Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson square-off for ten million bucks in a televised event, Nix brings his golf knowledge strong! Give it a…


Cultural Index Thursday – Battle Of The Baseball Movies Edition

June 7, 2018

Happy Thursday from Raiderland, y’all! We got a little rain late this past Sunday night, right after Texas Tech closed out an NCAA Regional Title against Louisville, so everyone is in a great mood this week. There’s a little cotton poking out of the ground around here and a chance for some more showers. Bring ’em on. We can play baseball during the day and let it rain at night!…