5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – One Week To Christmas, Here’s What We Know. From Salvation Army Bell Ringers To Santa Tracker, Top Christmas Movies To The Blue-Gray Game Plus Reindeer Food. Enjoy. Comment. Share!

As always, #3 will generate a spark of discussion. Add as well to #5 this week if you’ve got ideas! […]

Talk 103.9 FM Raiderland Podcast

Raiderland Radio Podcast Via Talk 103.9 FM: What Did Don Williams Have To Say About Texas Tech Football After The Spring Game? What Do We Know Now We Didn’t Know A Month Ago About Tech Football? Who Is Leading QB Candidate? Listen/Share And See Ya Tuesday On Radio!


Raiderland Radio Podcast: Is There A Path For Texas Tech Basketball To Play in Fort Worth Or San Antonio In The NCAA Tournament??? It’s Not Likely, But It Could Happen. Here’s How – Our Visit With HoopsHD.Com Guru Chad Sherwood On Talk 103.9 FM! Lots Of Basketball Knowledge Here!

If you love March Madness, you’ll love this podcast! […]


THE DAILY BROADCAST:(VIDEO) Texas Tech Hoops Rolls, Best/Worst Christmas Songs, Texas Aggies Kill Off 12th Man Tradition – Quits On Wake Forrest And Gator Bowl… Our Comments And Your Great Responses!

It’s ok. Some Christmas songs suck… […]