What The Hell’s Going On In Lubbock! – Featuring KFYO Radio Star Chad Hasty. Was The City Ready For The Snow Storm? Answer? You’ll Be Surprised! That And Much More From Lubbock!

December 11, 2018

This week’s visit with KFYO Radio Host Chad Hasty looks at Lubbock’s response to the recent snow event. Was the city ready? How did it compare to the storm of 2015? Dear Mayor Pope, you might like this one!  After that it’s on to scooters and air quality. Only in Lubbock!  Enjoy. Comment. Share with your Lubbock friends who may not get enough news about the Hubbaplex where they live!…


5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Guessing The Weather To Getting It Right At City Hall, Christmas Songs To Army/Navy Plus A Reason To Go To The Mall

December 9, 2018

5 Things We Know On A Sunday  Just remember that many, not all, of the highly-trained weather folks who couldn’t tell you how much it was gonna snow within half-a-foot or so the other day are some of the same people who want to tell you with great “scientific” certainty what the temperature is gonna be around here 100 years from now. Let’s apply wisdom an experience with some logic…


We Survived #SnoIcemeggedon In Lubbock – Our Recap And Your Questions Answered

December 8, 2018

It wasn’t easy over the past 10 to 12 hours, but we made it. We hope our previous Survival Tips helped you and your family. Here’s our recap of events and what to look for in the future. Courage.  Watch on #Periscope: We Survived #Lubbock #SnoIcemeggedon !!! We hope our tips helped you and your family! A Day 3 … https://t.co/foG16MexEt— Ryan Hyatt (@RyanHyattMedia) December 8, 2018


What The Hell’s Going On In Lubbock – The Thanksgiving Edition With KFYO Radio’s Chad Hasty

November 21, 2018

Usually it’s quiet around Lubbock this time of year. Usually the City Council just waits until the new year to make important moves. This year that isn’t the case. KFYO’s Chad Hasty breaks down how the City of Lubbock is involving tax-payers in the hotel business without their votes as well as how a “secret” memo leaked out detailing what the Council wants to do to fight against the right…


5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Thanksgiving To Sammy Kershaw, Mustard Winning The Cold War & More

November 18, 2018

5 Things We Know On A Sunday     It’s not that I am anti-turkey, It’s that I’m just so pro-ham. I’m as traditional as anyone when it comes to Thanksgiving and other holidays but I freely admit if I never had turkey again for Thanksgiving I’d be just fine. Dressing, yes! My Mom makes the best. Personally I could just eat the dressing and gravy, have some dinner rolls and…


Bowman Out Of Hospital, Trend Day Wednesday For Texas Tech/Texas, West Texas Elects Ted Cruz & Why NASCAR Is Its Own Worst Enemy – The Wednesday Broadcast From Raiderland

November 7, 2018

The headline says it all today. So, click on the link and catch up! As always, we ask three things of you: Enjoy, Comment, Share With Your Friends! Watch on #Periscope: Trend Day Wednesday for #TexasTech vs Tx., #NASCAR its own worst enemy, W Tx elects Ted Cruz, … https://t.co/qjUiPPnLTp — Ryan Hyatt (@RyanHyattMedia) November 8, 2018