Cultural Index Thursday – Battle Of The Baseball Movies Edition

Happy Thursday from Raiderland, y’all!

We got a little rain late this past Sunday night, right after Texas Tech closed out an NCAA Regional Title against Louisville, so everyone is in a great mood this week. There’s a little cotton poking out of the ground around here and a chance for some more showers. Bring ’em on. We can play baseball during the day and let it rain at night!

Each week we depart a little from the world of sports and take your pulse on something totally different. With so much great baseball going on right now though we are gonna merge the two.

This week we want you to choose between two great baseball movies and tell us which one you like better and why? Depending on your age or life experiences, you may chose one over the other. That’s the way baseball go . . .

So, let’s get to it.

“Field Of Dreams” with Kevin Costner VS. “The Sandlot” with a cast of thousands!

I love them both. My son discovered “The Sandlot” a couple of years ago and sports a “You’re killin’ me Smalls” t-shirt sometimes. I am proud. Personally, “Field Of Dreams” has always meant a lot to me. I may or may not have had an allergy reaction seeing it in the theater years ago.

So, tell us your favorite and why. And yes, we could have gone with another 20 so movies, but we want y’all to get a little work done today.



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  1. Has to be “Field of Dreams”.
    1) my dad played minor league baseball and he influenced my love for the game. Remember many a Saturday sitting with him watching the “Game of the Week” with Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese, and
    2) I have actually visited the “Field of Dreams”. Brought back many memories of my youth.

  2. I’ll preface this, by saying, I love Field of Dreams, every bit as much as I love The Sandlot.
    But, I have to go with The Sandlot, in this battle.
    Field of Dreams was a fantastic movie about the love of baseball. However, and played a little bit too much on the searching for the reason behind the voice. Had it spent a little less time searching for answers, and a little more time focusing on the field, and the players of the past that it brought forth, out of the Corn, I would have loved it more than, and ranked it higher than… The Sandlot.

    The Sandlot… It’s everything that was baseball, in America, in that era. Export childhood was, 4 millions of American boys, who loves the great game. Yeah, it had the little Side Stories… Hercules, Wendy Peffercorn…
    But, for the most part, it stay true to the plot… Which was… baseball. Pure.

    The Sandlot kept it simple. Unlike Field of Dreams, The Sandlot didn’t make you have to think.

  3. I’ll preface this by saying, I love Field of Dreams, and I love The Sandlot. Perhaps my two favorite baseball movies, ever.

    But, to choose a winner, of this battle… I have to go with The Sandlot over Field of Dreams.

    Field of Dreams was fantastic. No question. But, it did have a problem, for me, straying from the topic of baseball…and focusing on the search for the reason behind…that whisper. Had it spent a little less time looking for answers, and a little more time focusing on the field, and the players of the past, brought forth from the corn… I probably would have ranked it above The Sandlot.

    The Sandlot… It represented everything that was kids, and baseball… in this great country, in that era. Sure, it strayed away, a couple of times, on some side stories… Hercules, Wendy Peffercorn… but, for the most part, it stayed on topic… the Love of the great game. Baseball. Pure.

  4. If my comments show up in here, twice… Oops. Having trouble getting things posted, and being able to see them once they are posted.

  5. “The Sandlot”

    Simply because it’s story is told through the eyes of the children – much like “Stand By Me”, “Big”, and “E.T.”

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