Cultural Index Thursday: That Movie Your Significant Other Hasn’t Seen!

There are some things that can really stress a marriage or relationship.

Go shopping for clothes together. Try to build a swing-set together. Try and put together a bike or kid’s kitchen on Christmas Eve together.

All can be a stressful moment.

Still, there are some things that leave you scratching your head when it comes to your wife/husband or significant other. It’s not the kind of thing that’s gonna lead to the break-down of the relationship, but it does make you wonder how you ended up together.

I’m talking about movies.

Not the movies y’all have enjoyed together, but the movies you realize she has never seen. Your favorite movies, your go-to quoteables, your standards.

We all have the movies we love and think everyone else should love. It’s when we find out the one we love not only doesn’t love our movie, but hasn’t seen it that we are taken aback!

So for today’s Cultural Index Question we want you to tell us about the movies you love that your spouse or significant other hasn’t seen yet and doesn’t really seem to be showing any desire to watch it with you anytime soon!

In full disclosure, I don’t have many movies my wife hasn’t seen that I’m shocked. Still there are a few. How do you go through life without having watched “Dazed And Confused”, “Glory”, “The Electric Horseman” and “Saving Private Ryan” all the way through?

She gets major credit though for having seen and loving “Napoleon Dynamite”, “Office Space”, “The Hangover” and of course “Lonesome Dove”. So… I win!

Now, give us those movies that if you’d known she hadn’t seen, you might not have had a second date!


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