Cultural Index Thursday – The 17th Annual Best In Raiderland Burger Survey!

Happy Thursday y’all!

It’s an honor to be back for year 17 of the Best In Raiderland Burger Survey here on the South Plains of West Texas and beyond.

When it comes to summer, it’s all about meat. Steaks, ribs, grilling, cook-outs, you name it. Sometimes though, you’ve got to get something more than a hot dog or a rib-eye. You’ve got to go to town and get a great, old-fashioned, juicy, greasy, HAMBURGER!

That’s what we celebrate this week again in The Raiderland….

This week we want y’all to tell us your favorite hamburgers. We’ll break it down into three categories. You can vote on one, two or all three. Here’s this year’s categories.

Best Hamburger In Lubbock:

Best Hamburger Outside Of Lubbock In The Great State Of Texas:

Best Hamburger Outside The Great State Of Texas:

That’s three choices you’ve got. No matter how great you think your own burgers are, you can’t vote for yourself, because we can’t all go to you backyard and sample your burgers! So, Don’t bother. Ante-up and tell us who makes the best of the best. Locally and beyond. I’ll be interested to see what the Lubbock folks say on this one. I’ve got my favorites. We’ll see if they match any of yours.


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  1. The cheeseburger at Alamo Springs Cafe near Fredericksburg is the best I’ve had. Must ask for the jalapeño cheese bun.

  2. The best burger in Texas used to be in Tyler.. at Armadillo Willie’s. Not sure where Willie’s disappeared to, but they’re not there anymore.

    After that… I’m going local.

    Smokin’ Joe’s. Hands down, the best basic hamburger I’ve had drip down my shirt.

    Not a burger, but, when you’re in the mood for a good bbq sandwich… go to Chopped & Sliced, and order the Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll thank me for the suggestion. But remember to grab plenty of napkins. Trust me.

  3. Hard to overlook Whataburger either in the Hub or the state, but I will count it in Lubbock.
    State – Willie’s Grill and IceHouse
    The US would be the Green Chile Burger at Casa Blanca in Ruidoso, NM
    I am just a close to home kind of guy.

  4. In Lubbock I would go with Cristakis in Texas there are two places that come to mind. Roscoes Burger Inn in El Paso and Willies Place in Wichita Falls

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