Cultural Index Thursday – The George Strait Edition

Remember when they used to play George Strait on the radio?

Remember when they used to play country music on the radio? ?

I saw last night where George Strait is going to perform the soundtrack to Pure Country in Las Vegas in a month or so. That’s one show that would be hard to pass up. Never mind the fact I’ve seen Straight in concert at least double-digit times over the years.

So, in honor of King George still being the King, here is this week’s Cultural Index Question.

What are your Top 5 George Strait songs of all-time? 

I know. I could have made it Top 20 and you’d be leaving a few of your favorites off the list.

So get after it kids, I’ve got to go. If I hurry I can still make Cheyenne. . .


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  1. Mine:
    In no particular order…
    * “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”
    * “The Chair”
    * “Love Without End, Amen”
    * “Cross My Heart”
    * His collaboration with Alan Jackson “Murder On Music Row”

  2. 1) The Cowboy Rides Away (played it at my dad’s funeral
    2) Amarillo by Morning
    3) Fool Hearted Memory
    4) The Chair
    5 I Can Still Make Cheyenne

  3. 1. Where Have I Been All My Life
    2. When The Credits Roll
    3. Seashores of Old Mexico
    4. Cold Beer Conversation
    5. Fool Hearted Memory

    Obviously, all of us could make this a list of 100 or so ‘top’ songs. Some of his best songs were not released as singles, hence my top 2. I own every CD he’s ever made, except for the movie sound track. I didn’t care for those songs. Too pop country, which was the point of the movie. But on several greatest hits and box sets, I wound up with many songs from that movie.

  4. Hyatt,
    You could expand this to list George’s 5 best songs about:
    -drinking &/or bars
    -God / spirituality

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