Cultural Index Thursday – Your First “Car Date” Question . . .

Happy Thursday from Raiderland, y’all!

Life is more than just sports and for 20-years now we’ve proved that whether on the old Williams and Hyatt Show or here in Raiderland with the Cultural Index Question.  Some questions are complex, other’s are simple. Today is simple.

What was the first place you ever took a date to in Lubbock, Texas? 

Does it still exist? Was it a good date? Do you still know the person you took on said date?

By the way, for simplicity sake, we are talking car-date here folks. So, for the ladies in the audience you can modify that question and tell us where you went on your first “car-date”.

Y’all have some fun, tell some stories and let’s make Raiderland great.


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  1. First date with my late husband TTU men’s basketball player Ray Irvin was the SMU Tech football game 11/13/1982. We went to La Cumbre in cactus alley (now the site of La Sirena). It was a favorite of mine and Ray hadn’t been there. The G12 was stacked beef enchiladas with fried egg on top was my go to. So good. Ray had the same thing I did. It was years later I found out he hadn’t really had Mexican food until that day! Missouri where he grew up the options were Taco Bell basically

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