Diamond Talk – No. 6 Kentucky Ends No. 3 Texas Tech’s Season Starting Win Streak At 14 With A 10-7 Win On A Cold, Wet Day In The Bluegrass State

This game, this loss was out there lurking for the Red Raider baseball team and it found them Friday in Frankfort. The Wildcats took advantage of a slew of walk, balks, HBP, WP and you name it from Tech pitchers to get a 10-7 win under brutal weather conditions.

Here’s our recap, and there’s a lot to recap today, from Raiderland.

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Be sure and check back tonight for Roundball Rewind after Texas Tech vs. WVU in the Big 12 Tournament semifinals. This game has big implications for both teams in the NCAA tournament seeding process.

Diamond Talk 2018 brought to you in part by our friends at Boot City in Lubbock! 

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