Dinner With Drew Brees – How You Can Make A Difference In So Many Lives And Have A Great Time! Our Visit With Tim Siegel Is Worth A Listen And A Share!!!!

Want to hang out with a future NFL Hall Of Fame QB?

Want to help a great cause and learn even more about how to help said great cause in the future?

Want to feel good?

Ya, we thought so.

In that case, take a few minutes, settle in at home and listen to our visit with Team Luke/Hope For Minds director and passionate promoter Tim Siegel. You may think you know what’s going on these days on the Team Luke front. We hope you do! But, they’re doing so much more now and this is a great way for you to become involved.

Take a moment. Listen. Then share it on your facebook page. Or on twitter. Or tell a friend personally.

We can make a difference, and you never know how you might impact one person by just sharing what’s going on.

Thanks, Ryan.

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