Greatest TV Game Shows All-Time, Texas Tech Baseball Wins On Culture, Tech Basketball & The LSU Scandal – The Thursday Broadcast

In honor of Alex Trebek we look at your favorite TV Game Shows of all-time today. We beat the Russians because of great TV in the 1970’s and 80’s.

After that it’s on to looking at how Texas Tech Baseball beat SDSU Wednesday night. A lot of it’s talent. A lot more is culture.

When it comes to Texas Tech Basketball and the NCAA Tournament seedings one team Tech is battling is LSU. How will the “Scandal” news today impact that race for a 3-2 seed?

As always we ask y’all to do three things.

Enjoy. Comment. Share where you can!

Watch on #Periscope: #TexasTech Baseball culture wins, MBB for a trophy, LSU grease-fire helps, Best TV Game Shows …— Ryan Hyatt (@RyanHyattMedia) March 7, 2019

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  1. Ok, I’m still wanting to be one of them there “influencers” for the Raiderland interweb club. But it turns out the “paint it on the water tower” plan was a pure dee disaster. Apparently, since Al Kada and andthrax and such, the po-lice don’t like you climbing up on watertowers no more. It also turns out that if the po-lice put you in the calabazo on a Thursday night and the judge has already left town on a all weekend fishin’ trip, they just keep you there in the jug until he gets back. I tolt them that I liked fishin’ too, and if they would take me to where the judge was I could help him fish while I splained to him what was goin’ on and why I had climbed that water tower to be all influential for the Raiderland sight but they said no, I had to wait for him to get back. But while I was waitin’ in the calaboose I had a sudden like burst of perspiration for a new idee. Almost all of my friends wash their clothes at least some of the time, right? So I’ma gonna put signs up for Raiderland in the laundro-mat where most everybody will see them sooner or later!

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