Matt Wells’ “Least” Important NSD At Texas Tech, Art Briles Publicly Shamed Again & Why The Southern Miss HC Should Be Fired – The Wednesday Broadcast From Raiderland!

Even getting cut-off late in the Broadcast we get in a few thoughts today from Raiderland!

We look at why this NSD doesn’t and does matter for new Texas Tech Football Coach Matt Wells. After that it’s on to another sad chapter in the Art Briles saga. This time repudiated by Southern Miss after the folks in charge realized they were talking to “that” Art Briles.

Why do we think the current Southern Miss head coach should be fired over this? We explain.

We got cut off late so there’s a part two periscope today y’all might want to check out.

As always, we hope you do three things.

Enjoy. Comment. Share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and every where else. Click the link below to watch and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow in Lubbock at Talk 1340!

Watch on #Periscope: #TexasTech & Matt Wells least important #NSD, Art Briles public shaming plus your ?’s & commen…— Ryan Hyatt (@RyanHyattMedia) February 6, 2019

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