• What Will The 2017 Texas Tech Football Team Be Known For? ? ?  – You Tell Us!
  • It’s Nice To Be Back – Is It Time For Football Yet?
  • A Sincere “Tribute” To Retiring Texas A&M Announcer Dave South From Raiderland
  • Things I’ll Never Understand – From Paying College Football Players To M*A*S*H, TCU Fans To North Korea.
  • Texas Tech Football Scrimmage Overreaction & Why College Football Should Play Preseason Games – The R&D Podcast In Living Color

How Prosperity Gospel And Hugh Freeze Took Down Ole Miss Football

Special to The Raiderland by Allen Corbin – Contributor. The Prosperity Gospel Killed the Ole Miss Football Program You can’t blame the current state of the Ole Miss Football program on Houston Nutt. As much as Ole Miss fans hate that they were caught they can rest the blame on disgraced former coach Hugh Freeze and his adherence to the modern heresy known as the Prosperity Gospel. Freeze wasn’t running…


A Few Things I’ll Never Understand – The Texas Tech Football Edition – Hyatt’s Weekly Column

I’ll never understand why . . .      there isn’t a statue for Pete Cawthon at Jones Stadium. Your first football legend should have a statue. Cawthon made Texas Tech football known nation-wide, played around the country and exposed the new college in West Texas to millions. Without Cawthon, you don’t knock on the door of the SWC. He should have a statue. Before any other coach or player….

Courtesy Tulsa World

Big 12 Media Days – R&D Podcast Style – Coaches Under The Most Pressure, Justin Bieber, & Why The Big 12 Will Regret The Championship Game

There’s only one way to do Big 12 Media Days and that’s Raiderland Style!  (Featured image courtesy Tulsa World) Is there big news? Not usually? Do they sometimes play Justin Bieber music when Kliff Kingsbury takes the podium? Sometimes. This week we sit down with David Collier from KAMC 28, Red Raider Nation, and talk about the big issues that no one, we mean everyone, talked about. But in Raiderland…


For Texas Tech Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury, Lessons Learned From Spike Dykes Could Prove Big This Fall

Somewhere along the way, Spike Dykes codified into legend one of his coaching maxims. He said the two best friends a coach could have were the superintendent’s secretary and the lunchroom lady. If you had those in your corner, he reckoned, you could survive a lot of things as a high school football coach. . .  Spike was right then and most high school coaches would tell you he’s right…


Cultural Index Thursday – Lubbock Time-Travelin’ Restaurant Style

By now most of you have heard that another long-time Lubbock restaurant has gone the way of the buffalo. The Ranch House, in pure Ranch House style, posted a sign on the door yesterday saying they were permanently out of business. The Ranch House was a gathering spot for the elite, not-so elite and then of course my friends. Just an unpretentious place to get some coffee, breakfast and lunch….


A Few Things I’ll Never Understand – Hyatt’s Weekly Column – A Tribute To Lubbock Legend The Ranch House Restaurant

I’ll never understand why. . .    a great city like Lubbock let the Ranch House Restaurant go by the wayside. . . This one is painful. Eating places come and go. The Ranch House was different. It was anachronistic even twenty years ago. It was a throwback to a time folks ate real food for breakfast. You could get a chicken fried stake for breakfast. With great gravy and…