Periscope Update: Texas Tech Baseball Wins, Lady Raiders Coach Search Down to One?

Is the Texas Tech Lady Raiders coaching search down to just one person? We talk about that and take a look at Red Raider baseball’s dominant 15-6 win over Kansas today in Lawrence. Plus a preview of the Texas Tech football scrimmage this weekend.


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  1. There’s a part of me that feels JD Gravina is the right hire here with exciting potential.

    Stollings I’m not really sure about. If she kept Shimmy it’d be worth the hire in my opinion

    1. I have the same feeling about Gravina. Sounds like he really has gone after the job and wants to be here. With the way this has gone I wouldn’t be surprised if Stollings turns it down and gets an extension at Minnesota.

      1. I could certainly see Stollings turning down, though I doubt that happens at this point. Question though, if Minnesota was so enamored with her why no extension/raise this past year? That said, Texas Tech is raising the pay-scale for coaches all around the country this spring. Great for the economy.

        1. It seems Minnesota fans want her to leave which is a scary feeling to have about a soon to be coach. She also seems to jump around a lot. I’d be way more thrilled with Gravina …

  2. I noticed Coach Stollings said (paraphrased) “people in Lubbock will love the up-tempo, 3 pt shooting style I will bring”. Having said that and realizing the number of scholarship players transfering out plus the ‘lateness of the hour’ in recruiting….where would you say that leaves Degrate & Terry in this scheme???

  3. There was an “elephant” in that room during the press conference today, but, it seems this program has sunk to a low that even the “bluebloods” are willing to overlook it in order to try to “retrieve” the program.

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