R&D Podcast – How The NCAA/TBS Disrespects Players, Coaches & Fans With The Tournament Selection Show, Texas Tech Basketball In Familiar Territory, Tech Baseball Notes & Where Collier Must Go In Dallas

It’s time for another R&D Podcast in Raiderland (Little Research & No Development) featuring KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier and cranky old guy, Ryan Hyatt.

This week they take a look at how the NCAA and TBS screwed-up the NCAA Tournament Selection Show. There’s got to be a better way, and in fact there is.

There’s plenty of Tech Basketball thoughts in there for ya, including why you can’t be mad at OU getting in if you like Texas Tech getting the #3 seed. . .

Add in some Texas Tech Baseball thoughts and why Collier has to go see Big Al Mack and you’ve got yourself a little podcast to help pass the time.

UPDATED: We have learned that Big Al Mack had to shut-down The MAT at the end of February. . . We are sad to report Collier will not be seeing Big Al this trip. That is all . . .


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